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Budget trip to Majorca



As I’ve said before I love to travel /go on holiday and see new places.
And I wanted to do an almossst throwback post…soooo I thought I’d combine the two.

But firstly excuse the quality of these photos, I still love them!

Two-ish years ago I went on holiday -to what is slowly becoming one of my favourite places- Majorca  been there twice now so it’s becoming a bit of a tradition.

but ANYWAY,  Greg (my boyfriend) and I went two years ago didn’t really tell anyone -we aren’t the type to spread all over social media that we’re going on holiday- so it was pretty chill, barely anyone knew and it was great!


We said in this beaut 2 star hotel in this quiet little seaside town in Majorca, I would totally say though go here in peak season as it was a little quiet off season -when we went-.  There was lots of nice food places, bars, clubs, fun boat activities etc.




But anyway so since no one really knew… I didn’t post any of my photos anywhere but I thought I would share them here as I do like them -wish I had taken more tbh-

 I would highly recommend going here and going on the boat tours, this was honestly one of my favourite places to go.  writing this post is making me so excited for my next holiday!


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