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Travel ideas and where to go


I like to visit new places, always have and probably always will.  So obviously i have a list of places i really want to visit on my phone -duh!- but i have places in particular I’d love to go to this year.  i know most of them aren’t going to happen but here’s hoping.  
Even though I live in Scotland, I’ve not seen a huge amount of it.  I have family in Perth, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and Ayr so i know those places quite well.  but I would absolutely love to do a wee Scottish road trip in a caravan with my boyfriend and the dog and just go visit as many places in Scotland as we could.  I want to see more up North and East coast places -they have some of my favourite accents- Also go to the Island, I’ve not been to any of the Islands and i did love to go around them all, do a wee Island tour -yes please!- has anyone done this? has anyone done a Scotland tour or down a highlands Island road trip? any preferred routes? let me know!
That is one of the more doable ones for this year… The other is Germany / Amsterdam.  During winter this year I’d love to go to Germany to see some proper German markets -I know we’ve only just got over Christmas but i love it sorry not sorry- or Amsterdam for the same reason to be honest, it looks like a beautiful city as well and I’d just love to tour around it -they also do the most amazing chocolate that i want more of thank you-  
Somewhere I’d also love to go for maybe a weekend or something is Ireland! -again i love the accents- It is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, not sure why but i have, the people seem so nice, the country looks beauty as well.  Again I’d love to do a wee round trip, stay some where for a night and then move on for the next night.  If anyone has any recommendations for where to go in Ireland lemme know!.  
Arran is another, I’ve not been to Arran for years! but i love it honestly, and i really want to go back, i would love to go for a wee weekend with the boyfriend and the dog -I’ve found a dog friendly hotel has- and just go for a little while and switch off.  Its such a beaut wee Island and not to far away.  
basically I just want to go to lots of near by places this year -don’t really have the budget for further a field- I do actually have one holiday planned this year but maybe I’ll tell you about that in another post.  
Anywhere else in the UK / Europe you would recommend ? I would love to see more of Europe, I haven’t been to that many countries here -would be nice to go before we leave the EU- Or even in the places I’ve mentioned if anyone knows anywhere nice -but cheap- to stay give me a holla! I do also have along list of where I want to go in general to so if you want to see that let me know 

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