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5 Iconic Glasgow Locations to make you Instagram Pop

Glasgow is a historical city with a blend of old and new architecture, unique spaces and all within easy walking distance for a day’s work. One thing we do when needing to create content is to take a few key clothing pieces and to hit our usual haunts as these pictures always do really well. So if you’re in Glasgow for the day and are looking to get some quintessential Glasgow locations for your Insta or for some YouTube B-Roll footage – these are amazing spots. Here is a link to all of the locations on a Google Maps list.

1. Hutcheson Street

Nestled in the heart of the Merchant City, this street is really nice for a few easy to see reasons. The streets and pavements are cobbled and give the area an updated feel against the backdrop of some amazing classical buildings. If you shoot the camera towards the north, at the top of the street you will see the beautiful spire of the old hospital (now a restaurant). This picture above even focuses more on the hospital than it does me! But Greg has used this angle and shot really well here to draw in the likes from the architecture and cityscape fans, while still showing off the hoodie.

2. Garth Street/Brewdog

Okay, maybe this one is cheating. It is just around the corner from the last location but I felt it was worth including as it serves as a useful backup if the previous location is clogged with cars or people. It looks onto the Trade Halls which while not as pleasing should still tick that historical box.

3. Two Murals in Glasgow city center

Like a fair few cities, Glasgow has decided to turn ugly walls into spaces for murals. There are two on the list St Enoch & Child and St Mungo, which is the one pictured above. They are uniquely Glasgow shots to have in your video and Instagram feed if you want to picture a subject with them be prepared to try some interesting angles as St Enoch is in a usually busy car park at Strathclyde Uni and St Mungo is on a bend! Ah well, my challenge presented. (Strathclyde Uni has since added some murals to their buildings on the same road as St Enoch.)

4. Strathclyde University campus

Strathy as it’s known has been splashing the cash around the place. Some of these have been new buildings and campus spaces, which provide a nice modern alternative to all the classic buildings of further south on the map. Particularly fond of this building here used it twice now on our fashion shoots. Best time to go is either during summer when the students are off gallivanting and not gumming up your shot or on a weekend, where they will also be gallivanting – boom boom.

5. Explore!

I could list a few more, but we’d be here all day. Main thing is when dealing with the eastern part of the City Centre is you have the classical Merchant City at the southern end full of amazing streets and cool bars/clubs. As you go North you will pass through the City Chambers, Strathclyde University campus and if you go North again? Student digs. Don’t go there, if you want to carry on at this point go East towards the Necropolis.

Happy hunting!

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