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SO, if you follow me Instagram or on my 21 buttons – chloe_bell – you’ll know that I’m currently obsessed with a pink jumper.  My boyfriend bought me this pink jumper for my Christmas from Riverislandr and oh my gosh do I love it!
I don’t know why I love it so much, I’m not that into pink and I’m not huge on fake fur -or real fur don’t come at me- but I went and tried this on in riverisland a size or two to big for me and I instantly fell in love, I wear it as often as I can -it gets washed regularly!-
it fits so nice! It is really comfy and soft and that loose fit that looks good and doesn’t swamp you, ya know? I even love the colour and the little patches of fake fur on the sleeves -which by the way are still incredibly soft after all the washing
I just find that it goes with everything -that I own at least- with black leggings, blue jeans /leggings my Adidas joggers pr just slumped around the house in shorts.  It one of those pieces I feel I’m going to get so much use out of in spring and summer.
You’ll defo be seeing it more on my insta for sure!  I think I do need to find some other ways to wear it though so if anyone has any tips let me know!  But yeah this is my current favourite item in my wardrobe, and it’s converted me to be a pink lover.  If you want more posts about my wardrobe or what I’m loving let me know, cause as I’ve said I’m trying to expand. My wardrobe and try new styles that. I wouldn’t normally touch!

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