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This is just a short wee post today, enjoy
I’ve never really been someone who enjoys clothes shopping or shopping in general.  If I ever did my clothes shopping it was always online best way to avoid crowds.  However over the last year or so I have got quite into it, and felt quite inspired


I have always shopped in Primark, even as a little girl my dad used to take me there.  I guess I’ve always liked how cheap it is, for someone with not a lot of money and who isn’t totally into fashion (or never used to be) it’s a good shop, you can find whatever you need.  Over the last few months though, I’ve kinda fallen out of love with it, I’ve not been able to find anything I like.  And the thing I have bought have ripped or broken within a day or two.  Which I guess you would expect from a shop as cheap as Primark but generally the clothes I have bought out of there have lasted me a long time.  It just seems to be recently nothings working.  This isn’t to say i don’t still love Primark, i still love their homeware section, Christmas range and pyjamas i don’t buy my jimmies from anywhere else.  Primarks fitness range, all my gym clothes are from there and are great.  I will probably continue to keep but my gym clothes from there, I’d rather pay £4 for a sports bra than £40 when they do the exact same thing.  It’s just nice being able to buy fewer better quality clothes that might last me a lot longer than buy cheaper clothes frequently, I feel like shopping for buy clothes elsewhere is going to save me money in the long run
So I have started shopping elsewhere, my go to shops at the moment are river island, topshop and urbanoutfitters.  And the quality difference that I have noticed is unreal.  Switching shops had actually encouraged this new found love for fashion.  I’m actually enjoying putting outfits together and by new clothes.  My new found body confidence (that I mentioned in my previous post) also might play a part in that to.
I do feel like I need to find some other new stores online or on the high street so I don’t get sick of those three.  Recommadtions would be welcome

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