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5 online clothing shops to have a look at


Even though I love clothes, I’m actually not a huge fan of shopping, especially if the shops display is disorganised and messy, I can find it quite overwhelming.I do like online shopping though. I like it for inspo and just having a browse. I like these online places because they have good photos -I like to see what the clothes look like on – so the sites need to have good photos that display the clothes. The layout, of its easy to click around, you don’t want a site, whether it’s a clothing or site or not, to take a 100 clicks and have a crap site map. Good customer service! Even if your an online store you need good customer services!MISSPAP

I’ve not been shopping at MISSPA long, but I love this site! I love that they use social media folk to display some of their photos. I really like the prices, it’s actually all really reasonable. Some of there stuff can be a bit hit and miss, I seem to have more luck with trousers and skirts than jumpers. They don’t have the most amazing customer service when it comes to refunds!, but a soon as you message them about it they get straight back to you, so they have a lot of pros and cons


I know this ones more just for fitness clothes but I do really like it, the site is really easy to navigate and set out. Yeah it’s about pricey but the stuff if really nice!!


ah I love this site it’s so good for inspo! I love the look of all the clothes on here. I haven’t bought anything from here yet as they don’t go past size 12 for anything that I like, so that’s not that great. But I do just like getting ideas from the site.


I LOVE PLT! I love the clothes from here, everything fits really nicely. I’ve been buying from there for a few years now, back before anyone knew anything about the site. I’m not gonna buy anything from there I don’t think anymore though now that the price has gone up! But also since boohoo took them over.


Everyone knows about missguided! They do great clothes, amazing prices and offers! The actually website is easy to get round! I’ve found that their customer service is really good. It’s just a good online shop! And now that they have brought in the jeans and nice tops category which is going to be so handy for so many people! It’s also really good for gifts I find

Where to do you like to shop? Want to find new places to shop.


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