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5 Most Worn Outfits of 2021

Thought I would give a round-up of the outfits I pretty much lived in during 2021.  The snowy freezing first months, the summer heatwave and the cosy vibes of autumn. 

Playboy hoodie / hoodie dress 

At the beginning of the year, while we were still in lockdown and we had snow for such a long time, I pretty much lived in the couple of playboy hoodies I own.  Since it was winter and then spring (obviously) I wore them in a few different ways 

When it got warmer I just wore them with a pair of shorts underneath so they were just dresses.  I also wore a lot of leggings or jeans.  However, my favourite outfit was my white playboy hoodie, my Zara shacket, some sort of boot and my black tala leggings and a beanie. I wore this so many times at the beginning of the year.  It was cosy, comfy and I felt good in it which is all I ever look for.  

If I was going to be really picky I would say I think it would have been better with a thinner hoodie or jumper underneath the jacket, because I did feel a bit bulky sometimes.  But overall I really enjoyed this outfit.   

The Yellow Spritz gets an outing at Queen’s Park during the heatwave we had for one week

TALA yellow & blue Spritz collection

This year I really started shopping from TALA and falling in love with their fits.  So most of what I wore was from them.  

The fact that they are a sustainable brand just makes it even better!  I love finding new unique brands and wearing stuff that not many other people have.  

During the heatwave scorcher of a summer we had, I LIVED in the TALA spritz collection.  I own both yellow and blue (really want the grey)  I have the jumper and shorts, but I don’t own the joggers because they aren’t fully my style but I’m sure I would still love them.  

This was the perfect set for lounging around in the park enjoying the sun.  The colours are beaut! The perfect yellow tone and the most amazing blue shade. Such great summer colours. Shorts are a great length and so comfy, they have that loose baggy vibe.  The jumper is the best length – for me at least – loved how slouchy it was. It didn’t clingy to my skin while I was sweaty away in the sun.  These will for sure be outfits I wear every summer.  

TALA navy tracksuit volley collection

As the summer ended, it was TALA once again who set the tone for the season. They launched the Volley collection of tracksuits, which sold out officially 2 minutes after their launch time. Thankfully, my previous TALA purchases gave me access to the pre-sale and I managed to get the items bought a whole 1 minute before they officially launched. Everyone who didn’t get it was mad on Instagram, I was quietly chuffed. Then I was even happier when they arrived. Thick, but not warm. Soft, but not weak and damageable fabric. I basically lived in these during pumpkin spice season.

The individual pieces also work very well with other parts of my wardrobe, which is something that is a requirement of anything I buy these days. The jumper is never coming back in stock and I’m never parting with mine. Considering how well it was made and how well it has washed so far, I won’t have to.

Vieve jumper, paired with velvet leggings 

As the year came to a close, another brand I’m devoted to, Vieve, launched a pop-up shop in Glasgow. Part of what was launched to commemorate this was a special jumper. Simple jersey style with Joie De Vieve printed on it. (You get it?) I was also gifted a pair of velvet-textured leggings for my birthday from my mum. I would never have bought those myself, as I would have doubted if they would work with anything. But once I tried the two on together, I was set. The leggings work well for the colder weather as they are slightly thicker than your standard legging, which is a normal complaint of mine. Plus, I had lost a few pairs of trousers to wear and tear so a replacement was welcome.

The jumper is simple, comfy and practical. Good for everyday use when doing errands but still fancy enough that I can wear it to the pub for a few drinks. A welcome addition to replace other items I wanted to move away from. Throughout 2021 I was losing weight and trimming up, so the Missguided Playboy hoodies of years past no longer fit and were no longer necessary as I wasn’t trying to hide my body anymore. So out with one grey top half and in with another which will be around for years to come. With the added benefit of being able to find fellow Vieve devotees out in the wild.


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