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Budget trip to Majorca



5 reasons to visit Glasgow

5 REASONS WHY I LIKE GLASGOW I am born and raised in Glasgow, I grew up here and I still love here and honestly couldn’t…

30 BEFORE 30

30 BEFORE  30  So I was thinking about doing this post but I was going to leave it closer to the end of the month.…

Top picks from Riverisland

MY FAVOEITIE ITEM IN MY WARDROBE SO, if you follow me Instagram or on my 21 buttons – chloe_bell – you’ll know that I’m currently…

Some great songs to check it out and why

My fave songs and why I love them  Another music post comin atcha! If you didn’t know I love music! I come from a family…

Introducing more plant based foods into your diet

EATING PLANT BASED  At the beginning of last year -January 2017- I bought a copy of Niomi Smart plant based cook book ‘Eat Smart’ -catchy…

Spotify Playlist – take a look 

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST As I’ve said before, I’m really into music -like I want some sort of career in the music industry- I love discovering new…

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