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Amsterdam For 3 Days on a Budget

The keys to travelling to Amsterdam on a budget are: flying out and back during the week is cheaper than flying on weekend days; stay in a hotel a little further away from the centre of Amsterdam (I recommend the student hotel Amsterdam ) and don’t eat in restaurants – Amsterdam has plenty of street food and fast food vendors that will sustain you.

So if you read at the beginning of this year - my 30 before 30 list - on there I said I wanted to go to Amsterdam.  Well, my friends - I did just that! Click through to read about and see the amazing sights of Amsterdam that we encountered.

2018 fitness goals were they met

HEYYY!!! So…back in May of 2018, I did a post about my 5 gym based goals for 2018. I kinda wanted to go back over…

5 Fashion Instagram Influencers you will love

5 Fashion Instagram Influencers you should check out A few months ago I posted about my favourite instagram Influencers, so… here we are again! I…

17 free phone wallpapers!

FREE PHONE WALLPAPERS Well! Hello! So this post is a bit different and new for me.  However i still wanted to do it, so here…

Dairy free mac and cheese recipe 

DIARY FREE MAC AND CHEESE There is a dairy-free macaroni recipe that popped up in the old Instagram a few weeks ago.  Now I’ve tried…

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