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Amazing Veggie Soup Recipe

During the you-know-what, we developed some bad habits with our eating and meals. Downgraded ourselves with too many processed foods and lazy bigger portion sizes,…


Come What May photo challenge from Zoella

Zoella – “Come What May” was an Instagram photo challenge through the month of May. I really enjoyed this challenge, especially since we are in…


Another personal post, hope you don’t mind.   In my most recent Get to know me post I mentioned my visual impairment.  I wanted a…

Wedding traditions we will not be doing

So if you didn’t know, I’m engaged (don’t think I’ve mentioned it enough) and currently planning our wedding and I’m super excited! I thought I’d…

What to watch on Netflix

TV shows are something I love to discuss and chat about. It’s become quite a big passion for me lately. So I thought I would…

How to use Pinterest to boost your blog traffic and …

If you have ever wanted to know how to boost your traffic, whether to your website, blog, social media pages. I’ll tell ya, it’s pinterest!…

Wedding Journal – Tips for picking a wedding venue

Yes! I am getting married! If you don’t follow me on any other socials or on any other platforms then you probably don’t know that…

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