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Share The Love This Valentine’s With The Awesome New Cards from chlocreates

This Valentine’s Day will be different, especially for those who enjoy going out for a meal at a restaurant. For those who enjoy staying home, I bet even you’re sick of that place by now. But some Valentine’s traditions will never die and that includes the card. Show you put some thought into it by buying a card from a tiny independent visually impaired artist who prints only on recycled paper – I mean, how artisanal does that sound? Exactly. Let’s show you what we got.

Artistic Heart

This little beauty is for those who like the simple cards. The colours blend well together and it is a design you can stare at for an hour and still not fully take it in. It is blank inside for your own poem.

Colourful ‘I Love You’ Heart

For the more direct message and heart design, I really like this one. Especially if you’re the type of person who doesn’t say it often enough. The interplay of the colours is very well balance and the script text gives it a personal touch.

The Valloween Card

These little guys first appeared in my Halloween 2020 collection. They were too adorable not to turn into regular characters and I love their simplicity and how they just fit into everything. Are they spooky ghouls throwing actual human hearts around? You decide.

Happy Valentine’s Day Script

Now a more traditional design, this card is a simple text design with colourful dots around it. I mean you can’t go wrong with this beauty if your other half is a little bit less inclined to watch Halloween movies in February.

Mallow & The Balloons

Another of my recurring characters and I feel this is one of my personal favourites. Little Mallow is floating in the sky powered by love balloons. Don’t worry if he falls, he’s made of mallow he’ll floof safely on the ground.

Moon & Clouds

I based this design on previous demand and experience, people always seem to respond well to designs involving the moon. Makes me think I have a few werewolf customers. But just because you’re a werewolf doesn’t mean you can’t find love and rain it down on your SO from clouds.

Cuddling Foxes

These two took shape themselves one day, I started drawing one fox and then another appeared as magi cuddling into it’s back. I felt it was such a simple message and design that it didn’t need any words or anything explicit. Like my niche werewolf products, I’m sure there are still a few fox hunt saboteurs in the market for a card.


Another in my collection of animals, is this drawing of two majestic flamingoes cuddling in the only way I can imagine them being able to do so. I love the simplicity of it and even the subtle pool of water I had them stand in. Art is cool.

Box of Love

And finally, I have this lovely design featuring a box letting forth a sea of red love heart balloons. The design is one that came to me while doodling and is not one I have seen elsewhere. If I have seen it elsewhere and I stole it from you, please let me know.

Well thank you for checking out my latest listings. They are all available on my Etsy store and I plan to keep them up year round in case people need a Love Card at any point in the year to show their partner how they feel or make up for something horrible they did.


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