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What to love about the John Lewis Christmas Decorations

John Lewis has now released their Christmas decorations, with 6 new collections (I swear it gets earlier and earlier every year). John Lewis is definitely one of my go-to stops for the Christmas shop. I know I’m always going to find something good in there. So I wanted to see what they had in store for this year. However, I do love a bit of Halloween and autumn (did you see my autumn home decor top picks?) so try my best until after then to actually buy anything. Instant regret now as so many items are out of stock – thankfully you can request a re-stock email from them.

They definitely had the usual Christmas decorations that I feel every store has down the last 4/5 years led by Paperchase with the bright and garish circus animals and cars etc. They have those back in along with the wildlife baubles that again I feel the prominent feature of their collections for a few years. Outside of that though they have some beaut and classic baubles. There is an art theme going this year with collections like Impressionism, Renaissance, Pop Art, Art of Japan and Art Nouveau. These seem to be there new main collections for the year. On first glance, the Impression and Renaissance collections are my fave with some classic and stunning baubles that fit with the Christmas decorations I already have.


Embark on a magical winter adventure with the Impressionists, who were fascinated by the effects of light on the scenes they painted. The shifting colours found in snowy landscapes are captured in soft pastels, icy whites and glinting silver.

This image shows a living room set up in the pale white colour scheme of the Impressionism items

A bright theme based the pale blue, silver and white palette as mentioned above. The collection has some wonderful pieces, which you will see scattered around this paragraph. It would definitely add some welcome winter chill into the space if you went all-in with the Impressionism theme. There are a few decorations that seem a bit cheap such as the animals (some I saw in store had a bit of a wonky face), but overall the quality is high.

This collection, believe it or not, at time of writing in early October is already starting to have stock issues! I hope there would be some re-stocking taking place and John Lewis do offer this on their website. If someone demanded to know where this collection sat in the unofficial Chloe rankings? #2, what is beating it I hear you ask? We’ll get to that.


Elegant and ornate, the collection is inspired by European painting and sculpture from the 14th-17th centuries. Discover beautiful decorations in a palette of soft pastels and gold for a touch of luxury.


This is a timeless collection of items that would work for years and years to come. The colours in the decorations and ornaments are adaptable and would work with items you get next year – or am I the only one that likes to buy a few small pieces every year and slowly build my collection?

This being one of my favourite collections, have a few more items!

Art of Japan

Discover traditional Christmas icons such as mistletoe and robins alongside cherry blossom and lanterns. This theme is inspired by the Japonism movement of the mid-19th century. These artists used elements of Japanese art and updated them in a modern way.


I’ve not been big on red-heavy themes for a few years. While traditional af, it limits the other colours you can coordinate with. That being said, if colour coordination is not something you’re concerned with (like my colourblind partner!) and you just like the look of the items – you can go nuts here. The lanterns and nutcrackers are abound in this theme.

Art Nouveau

Influenced by the striking architecture and jewellery of the Art Nouveau period, each decoration is glamorous and opulent. Featuring champagne, gold and glitter, the collection also celebrates the joy of entertaining and party season.


The description says champagne, gold and glitter – but the blue tones dominate this theme. This theme contains several items you can see in the above picture which I call space fillers. The clue is in the name, but if your tree has spaces you can’t fill with baubles, these do a great job.

Pop Art

Taking its inspiration from Pop Art and other modern art movements, this theme is vibrant, bold and exciting. ‘Think of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline,’ says Jason. ‘They all experimented with new ways of seeing, with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and the function of art.’ This look allows you to be brave and have some fun with your decorations.


If you want to buy some Christmas decorations you’ll be disgusted by when you remove from the box next year – you’re in luck. I kid, this may be personal taste but not a fan of these items or the colour palette. Santa is on a scooter and the gold bird fell in a box of cake sprinkles. But if you have the ability to make it work for many a year ahead – I salute you.


This jewelled theme works really well with decadent velvets in similar colours, with plenty of gold and metallic accents. The palette builds from greens to yellows and oranges with splashes of blues and reds. Think ‘more is more’, with hand-blown glass and painted ceramics alongside embroidered stockings and alternative tree toppers.


The hybrid theme! Can’t decide? You love the crazy colours of pop art and the traditional colour base of Impressionism – go for Post Impressionism. Include the space-filling ability Art Nouveau and take Santa off his stupid scooter and you’re onto a winner. Children will love spotting all the different animals hiding in the tree if you went all in.

I wanted to wrap this piece up by giving a quick comparison to last year’s decorations that JL did. However, for the life of me I can’t remember! I did purchase a few pieces but I haven’t gone through my own decorations yet. This is barely scratching the surface of what is available and I hope I’ve given you a good introduction.

The images in the above post are property of JLP. They are used solely to introduce their products and I do not receive any financial reward, discount or points for showing them here and linking to their website. All images are hosted locally to not leech server space.

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