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First off i hope everyone had a lovely christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it i hope you had great couple of days.
I thought id do a wee post of appreciation for the gifts i received, accept I’m not sure how to write it without sounding like I’m showing off or boasting.  so just know that thats not what i want.  
every year my family and me always say we’re going to cut back and not buy much, we’re aren’t really a materialistic family and since we’re all adults theres no real need to buy each other a lot.  
i really love all my gifts some of my favourites are actually the smallest, like the sudoko cube, and the blue light, they remind me of my younger years, and i can’t wait to sit and play about with the sudoko cue.  
i  can’t wait to decorate the make your own bauble kit, i think that is going to be so fun, just chilling with a movie on and decorating and getting crafty.  The colours, the pastel blues and pinks I’m in love with so I’m so looking forward to having baubles in that colour.
I love my comfy clothes so the pink dressing gown and unicorn slippers, are a dream! i have a growing dressing gown and slipper collection so to add these beauts to it is just great! the dressing gown so cute and soft and i absolutely love the cute bunny ears on the hood, i mean what could be better?!
The pink jumper is honestly one of my favourite things! i have literally worn it every day! its so comfy and slouchy, and the wee fur (fake fur) detail on the sleeve just tops it off.  That and my matching fur baker boy hat, I’m going to look like a pink lady from Grease.
I honestly had a lovely Christmas and I’m so excited for next year haha! so i can do all the festivities all over again.  
If you want a more in-depth look at what i got i did do a video on my youtube channel – what i got for christmas 

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