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Wedding Journal – Tips for picking a wedding venue

Yes! I am getting married!
If you don’t follow me on any other socials or on any other platforms then you probably don’t know that I am engaged and have been since my birthday in December last year. Exciting!

I wanted to share my journey so far the good and the bad. Giving tips and advice along the way. Cause so far, it not been smooth sailing. It hasn’t been as easy as I thought it was going to be. how naive I once was.

I think I was a little cocky with how well I thought it would go. I thought ya know having 10 years experience within the events industry would give me a slight advantage, but yeah, I was quite quickly proven wrong. which is fine, its all been a learning curve and I’m learning new things.

So anyway, I wanted to start this first one off with giving you my tips for picking a wedding venue. I have alos made a video on this so if you would rather watch that than read this I will leave that at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

So lets get into the tips


    this may seem like a pretty obvious one, and yeah it probably is. However! Defiantly get a rough draft guest list, written out pretty early on. This including if your having separate guests for day and night. . This will help you know what size venue you need to be looking for and it also helps the venue know if they can cater for your size of wedding. You don’t have to have a set guest list right at the beginning but it can help to at least have a draft version. with a close number to what the finally number will actually be. Basically it will just be an extra thing to help you narrow down your venue search.

    I know for us it’s been very handy having a temp guest list, because every time we went to a venue they asked us how many guest we were having and since we had a rough idea we were able to chat with them about if that size was suitable for the space and potential seating options etc.


    I know sounds like aa obvious on one, and you’re probably like duh Chloe. But it’s true sticking to your budget / figuring out what your budget is is quite important.
    Don’t worry either, if like me, you have a tiny budget it is possible to find a venue. First chat it out! talk to your other half and figure out how much money you have in total for your wedding and then from there figure out how much of that budget you want to spend on your venue. The size of budget you give towards your venue obviously depends on how important the venue is to, and where ti lies in your probities compared to everything else. And if you live in Scotland like I do you can even find venues for free if you look hard enough since we are lucky enough to be able to get married where ever we want thanks to marriage laws here. So don’t be put off or feel overwhelmed by how big or small your budget is, you WILL find a venue that fits it.

    3. OPEN MIND

    I compared this in my video to going on house views when you’re buying a house. Keep an open mind when you go on venue viewings as well. Go see a variety of differnet venues, even ones that are the complete oppisite of what you think you want. Venues may suprise you and give you new and/or different ideas. It may give you inspiration and poteintally consider things you might not have thought of before. You can only gain from seeing a variety of differnt venues, and keeping an open mind when you get there


    You as couple, are unique. So why would you have an idential wedding to everyone else. Together figure a venue that matches you guys a pair and also fits your taste seperately and jointly (if possible) remeber its a day for you two so it should fit your personality and shouldn’t just be a copy and paste job of someone elses wedding. For us it wasn’t to hard, we both wanted an outdoor wedding venue, and we are both quite relaxed people so we didn’t want an over the top extravigant affair in a manor house, becasue that just woulnd’t be us! So figure out what is YOU and go for that, even if that’s in a manor house, no judgement.


    OK so, non-negotiables quite self explanatory. BUT yeah I still think this is quite an important tip! figure out right at the beginninng what are MUST haves at your venue / wedding that you will not comprimise on (I’ll come to comprimise in a sec) So where that’s there HAS to be a fully vegan menu or my friend MUST take the photos, you’ll need to write these down before yu go see the vneue so you know if the venue can provide these things. because for example your friend does have to be the one who takes your photos you neeed to check if the venue will allow that, alot of venues already have their set suppliers that they like to use and not alot of them like brining in new people. So make sure you figure out between the two of you, your must haves ,

    6. Comprimise

    Told you I’d come back to it. As well as having your must haves or non-negotiables. You kind of also need to be able to comprimise a little bit. For example, maybe your budget can’t quite extaned to having the manor house plus grounds, and if the grounds are quite as importnat to you as everyting else then maybe its time to let them go. Or maybe you want a forrest wedding but your partner wants to have the reception on a roof top in the middle of the city (bit extreme opppisites I know) but yeah you’ll need to figure out what would make you both happy and come to a comprimise. they also don’t have to be as big a comprimise as my examples they can be tiny as well. but basically just be prepared to make comprimises and for other people to make them as well.

    Okay so I think I’m going to end here, I do have more tips so I think I’ll make a part two shortly so keep an eye out on my socials when that is next posted.
    Also I’m going to leave the video here with the same tips on it just incase you’d rather watch than read.

    I hope you have a great day and chat next time!


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