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My Anti-Bucket List, the 8 things i don’t want to do before i die


I have done a bucket list type post before and I’ve done a 30 before 30 post so, so this time I thought I’d an ‘Anti-bucket list’ post.  These I think are meant to be things you’ll never do before you die, Not all of these are things i 100% will NEVER do, but most likely I want to do them.

Also, I could only think of 8 so this is quite a short post soz.

1. SWIM WITH SHARKS – this is one I’m assuming want happen as I don’t tend to swim in the deep sea anyway -the dark deep water scares me- I maybe could be persuaded to do it in a cage but probably not.

2. GET AN EYE TATTOO – you do you and all that but that shit freaks me out!

3. BE ARRESTED – again don’t see this happening but yeah no thanks

4. GET A TATTOO OF SOMEONE’S NAME – like what if you fallout? or break up? like nah you’re alright.

5. BE FAMOUS – Not that this one will happen, but I just have never really liked the thought of that.

6. GO BUNGEE JUMPING OR SKYDIVING – Not that I don’t WANT to do these to and I would do them but I just know I probably should do them for certain health reasons…shame.

7. DEEP SEA DIVE – for the same reason as the shark one, deep DARK water, ya know the kind where you can’t see anything below you freaks me out, like what could be down there, NO THANKS!

8. STOP BEING AN ‘ARTS’ LOVER – honestly, music, film and dance are a huge part of my life and couldn’t imagine not liking any of them.

Let me know if you have anything you don’t want to do before you die.



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