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Six years has gone so fast
6 years of memories
2,197 days since we went on our first date
2 cats
1 dog
1,000,000s of laughter
Six years of staying up till 5am whee. We’ve had to much alcohol and chatting about all the deep stuff we wouldn’t normally
Feeling like grown up / parents when we bought our 2 cats
agreeing to stay together for at least 30 years when we bought our first home year and half into our relationship
six years of cuddling on the sofa while watch our favourite movies and tv shows, mainly comedies or horrors
Six years of anxiety, tears and grumpy moods and dealing with it through hugs and laughter
Six years of realising how similar were before we knew each other and how similar we are now.

Six years of breaking down walls, being the one person i can be myself around.  

Six years of trust, loyalty, friendship and love.  

Thank you for being my best friend


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