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Tanya burr advent calendar 2017

Last Christmas post i swear!
This is the second year in a row I have had the Tanya burr advent calendar and since I have review some of other products I thought I’d do the advent calendar to.  
As I said I’ve had the advent twice now, first time I bought it myself second time my boyfriend bought if for me as a gift.  
The products in it are festive, glittery and all Christmassy colours. However, the products this years calendar are the same as last years, just with a different colour scheme.  
Don’t get me wrong I do like the quality of the glitter nail polish, I like that it doesn’t feel clumpy the glitter actually does go on really smooth, and to be honest it’s actually my favourite glitter nail polish I own.  and i have used this years products more than i sued last years, so winwinwin.
I have LOVED using the glitter eye pots, they are really good and pigmented and it’s been a lot of fun using them to give my make up a bit of sparkle. I see myself continuing to use them through the year.  
I think the only things I’ve not made great use out of this year or last is the glitter eyeliner. I do like how glittery it is and how easy it goes on. I just don’t have any occasion for it. I would have liked maybe new colours this year rather than getting gold and silver both years. Maybe a nice black glittery eyeliner this year might have been nice (not sure if that would have been harder to make). Or maybe a nice pink or white I don’t know.  
I love my nail polish and I do like Tanya’s they are actually really good and I do rate them. However the red nail polish that came in this years Calendar even though I do adore the colour (I’ve been looking for a nice red for a while) it doesn’t last. I wore her red and the gold nail polish and got in Marks and Spencer advent calendar on at the same time (put the gold on my index finger) the red nail polish lasted a day before it started coming off where as the gold last for a number of days more. I don’t know if maybe I just needed to put a thicker coat of it or or… but either way it does last by the colour is beaut.  
I think for the price and considering the products are the same as last year just with a view tweaks, I’m. It sure it’s a worthy continually buying. If the calendar changes it’s products or has the same products but just different colours then maybe it will be worth it again. I do like her products and I rate her make up a lot actually. I just don’t know if I’ll keep buying the calendar unless it changes up.  

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