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My non New Years resolutions 

I’m not some how does new resolutions, I don’t write a lists come January the 1st, or anything like that. For me there’s just no point, like most they’ll probably all be broken before January 31st
However, there a couple things I do want to do more of in 2018, I’m not bothered if they get done in 2028 or if it takes longer if they get done at all this year so that’s why I’m not going tot call them resolutions. But here’s a list of things I want to do


Dance for me. Has always been a huge dream, I love to dance I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I’m not dancing either to music or just for fun around my house. Ever since I was small all I’ve wanted to do is become a professional dancer in some capacity. I’m sad that I’ve never perished it more and followed through and achieved this dream. Have atried so many different types of dance over the years and I don’t think I’ve disliked one, if I could do them all I would.
I’ve seen a lot of musicals this year (hairspray, Addams Family, The Greatest showman to name a few) and with Strictly come dancing, it’s really fired up my love for wanting to be in musical or learn musical theatre dance. So I think this might be something I try do work towards in 2018 even if it’s a small once a week clas or look into colleges that do it I’m not sure as of yet.
I would also love t give ballroom a whirl. It looks like a lot of fun and like good exercise as well.


This is one is a bit of a random one and has more to do confidence than anything. At the beginning of this year me and my boyfriend were sitting in Costa or cafe Nero and we’re talking about the things we wanted to try during the year. I mentioned singing lessons, I never got much further than googling a few places. 2018 i wild quote like to go a bit further and maybe actually book some lessons.

I really enjoy dining… in the house by myself as loud as I can. For me, I don’t think I can singing but I get told I can. So whether they are just being nice, or it’s a lack of convince in my ability from myself or whether I’m actually awful. I’d quite like to know and maybe improve, not for any reason other than just building me dining confidence , I don’t want to do it professionally or anything.
this one is along the same lines as the singing. There is an acting school to not far from where I live and I’ve been tempted to go for a while now. Again i don’t want to become a professional actor or anything, i hate attention on myself so that sounds like hell to me, but i would like to do it for confidence purposes as my confidence has taken a huge dip lately. Im going into the events industry and i need to be able to do presentation and public speaking all of which gives me major anxiety and panic attacks. So i would like to able to conquer this and this is something that the acting school offers. I would also like to do it to potentially meet new people and maybe make new friends. It would also be nice maybe to meet new people in our area as we don’t really know anyone around here.


Since i got into my 20s and gained more responsibility (of my choice) like pets, mortgage etc,I’ve not had as many opportunists to travel as I would like. I would love to see more countries going abroad and visiting new place and seeing the culture of other countries is something i’ve always enjoyed. I would love to go see more places even if that is just around Scotland. I really want to do a road trip around Scotland and the Island and even take the dog on that one think he’d love it. I would also really like to go Germany or New York around the winter period. I do have one holiday booked which i am beyond excited about. But really i would just like to get out of Glasgow a bit more, even if that is just to the neighbouring city.


This year, i have really found my love for fitness. I always an active child / early teen. I joined so many different class – gymnastics, football, athletics, ballet, tap, jazz / modern dance, trampolining etc – i have always prefered to be active than sitting about do9ng nothing. 

This year me and Greg properly started going to our gym and we got a personal trainer and I’ve enjoyed it most of the time actually, and actually not going just now has made me really miss it and i can’t wait to get back to it in january. My main goal I bunk for this year is to work on my back, 2017 I wanted a flat tummy and the confidence to wear just a sports bra, didn’t achieve that but I think if I work on my back this year I’ll be happy. I already have quite a muscle-y back so I think this will be the most achievable goal for me haha. 
But more than that i would like to get into running, i used to compete when i was younger, and i think running is my sport it really helps with my mental state and i just really enjoy it. I would like to get involved in other fitness classes or activities not to sure what yet.
I;ve found this year that fitness and exercise in general has been really good for my anxieties, mental state and overall confidence, and i really want to up it in 2018 and stay consistent with it.


Something i’ve lacked over the last couple of years is hobbies, this year however I have enjoyed doing blogging, and making videos and taking more photography as my bobbies. I want to delve into this more and try improve on all of them. I want to blog more as i have found i really do enjoy it, i know i’m not that good at it, but i do enjoy doing it when i do, and i plan on becoming more consistent with it.
This year me and Greg made a youtube channel and this has been my favourite thing, i really enjoy making videos and actually have a lot of fun editing. I’m also really enjoy it as its a hobbie for me and greg to do together. I want to get better at this and make more videos and become more creative with the videos. It’s been actually the best thing this year as i find it has kept me the most occupied and something i find quite relaxing. So i really want to carry it on in 2018.
I would like to start some other hobbies n 2018 as well, I’m not quite sure what sort of hobbies yet but I just need more to do.
Gigs – I know that a maybe for most gigs isn’t really a hobbit, but I’d consider it one.  I love going to gigs concerts just seeing live bands in general.  I didn’t go to any gigs last year (or at least I don’t think I did)  I went to the theatre a lot last year which I do want to carry on doing this year for sure! But I’d love to go to go this year as well.  I miss going to them, there’s nothing better than hearing a live band perform.  So here’s to gigs in 2018! 


2018 is the year I want to get more serious with some of the business ideas I have and actual implant them. I like being creative and I think I have some good ideas so I want to get more proactive with them and hopefully by this next time they will be fully up and and running, that’s the hope anyway.


IN 2017 i got a tad more adventurous with my fashion, wearing things I wouldn’t normally and trying new styles. I want to do that a bit more this year try new styles find what suits me. I’ve really got into to fashion lately so think it will be fun to get more into it. Making more fashion posts on here and my Instagram I think would be fun as well.


This one is just a bit of fun. I don’t have a skin care routine and I would quite like one. When I do look after my skin, I love how soft it is and how nice it looks. So that’s one thing I want to get into.
I also want to get my nails done professionally just for fun, try it out. I enjoy painting nails and having painted nails so kinda want to try getting them done properly by someone who can do a cool design on them.
I also want to get a spray tan some time this year. Not for any reason other than just to try it out. Maybe before my holiday, go in the holiday already tanned (haha). But in time I want to just use my own self tan more, I like being tanned and it’s just snot of fun really.
I want to get another ear piercing, I have the standard ear lobe one but I’ve been wanting another ear piercing for a while now, just a second ear love piercing I think. I found somewhere that can do them for a reasonable price. So that’s something I might try achieve this year
All of these are just about having fun, giving myself a bit of self confidence, which I think getting a tan, nails all done etc can do. They are about self indulgent but I think if you feel like you look good you’ll feel good to.


In all honesty, I’m not a huge family person. I don’t see my family as often as maybe I should and I’m not as close to my family as maybe I should be. I want to go see all the family I can do this year. None of them live that far away, I think the furthest is 3 hours drive, which isn’t a lot. I wat to make more of an effort, Family is important and it’s getting smaller and everyone’s getting older and I don’t want to regret not seeing people so this ones quite an important one done to be honest.

I don’t know how I got to 10, I didn’t set out to have to things exactly

but hey there’s my 10 sort of resolutions but not really.
I want 2018 to be the year I get more proactive in life in general. Up until now I felt like I’ve just sort of coasted, which I’m not a huge fan of. I know. In reality 2028 isn’t going to be any different to any other year but if I can make slight changes to my life and try enjoy it a bit more I’ll be happy. I don’t want to just coast through life anymore.
I want to start feeling and acting like a 26 year old again, rather than being 26 and acting and feeling like a 50 year old (not that there’s anything wrong with that) 

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