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Fashion Accounts to follow on instagram


I have phases of loving Instagram and then barely using it.  
As of last year i think it’s slowly become my favourite social media app.  I’m on it every day (not necessarily posting everyday) I love going through and seeing everyone’s photos liking and commenting on them.   I have also really enjoyed posting on the. Changing up the posts I’ve been putting up and (hopefully) improving my pjotogpranu and the photos I’ve been uploading.  

But I didn’t want to talk about my photos or my Instagram.  I wanted to share the love and give you my favourite instagrams at the moment.  Most of the (if not all) you’ve been seen before and already follow but I want to share them anyway


Fashion in flux or Lydia Rose is a –  fashion blogger and social media manager.

I have followed her Instagram for a while now and she is definitely one of my favourites on my feed currently.   
All of her posts are so simple and easy on the eye,   She has the most stunning fashion posts with the way she styles and frames the images.  
She’s got an Instagram that when I see her post on my feed I’m always there liking it but also clicking on the image to see where the pieces are from.  That’s the kind of Instagram she has, where it’s just so inspiring and makes you want all the clothes in her posts.  She is one of the reasons I started posting more fashion based posts on my Instagram.   I have defiantly discovered new brands because of her insta

If you enjoy fashion or just like having a nice Instagram scroll through she is defiantly one to follow


Natalie jaynee is another fashion instagrammer and digital manager
I found her page last year I believe, and have loved it ever since.  Her posts are always so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.  All the outfits she posts always look so stylish, and she’s is also another one were I have to click on the photo to see which brands she’s tagged.  
I also love how she frames all her photos it just looks so nice when your scrolling through your feed or you go onto her actual page, it all just seems to fit so nicely together.   She is for sure another one to follow if you love fashion.  


Emily cocklin is another fashion instagrammer (noticing a theme?)
I haven’t followed her for to long, I think it was in the summer of 2017 I started and have been hooked ever since.  @emilycocklin

I absolutely love her style, it’s pretty much how I would love to dress.  She always looks so cool in her photos which are all stunning! again like the other her photos are also simple but still so aesthetically pleasing to look at.  Her posts and style are so inspiring and is highly recommend checking out her page if you haven’t already


Copper garden

While we are talk fashion
Copper garden / Jess is a style and travel blogger,
I have followed copper garden for a couple years now I believe on Instagram, and oh my gosh is her content amazing!
Her posts are stunning and the photography has really stepped up in the last few moths.  I think that’s what I love about her posts it’s not just a fashion post but also beaut photography that you might see in a fashion mag.  @coppergarden

Kayleigh J Couture

kayleighjcouture / Kayleigh johnson is a UK Beauty Fashion and lifestyle blogger.

I have been following this instagram for a while now and i absolutely love it, its one of the accounts that prominently at the top of my feed.  
She has the most amazing style and always looks stunning in all her posts.  again her posts also remind of photos you’d see in a chic fashion magazine.  
In the summer time she took some amazing holiday photos, that just made me want to go visit everywhere.  
I think i like how chilled out, relaxed her photos look, they just look so effortless.  


Lydia connell is one half of lucyandlydai lifestyle youtubers.  
i have followed lydia on youtube and instagram for while.  and i loooooveee her instagram.  she has really upped her instagram lately.  all her photos are so beaut! and i love the blue theme that runs through all the phots (blues my favourite colour i think thats why) she is another one, like all the girls on this list, who’s style is so inspiring, i honestly wish i could look as cool as her in the outfits she wears.  i’ve really liked her style in 2017.   I love the mixture of style / fashion posts with more relaxed friend moments that feel more personal.  


Lucy connell is the other have of lucyandlydia lifestyle youtubers. 
again i have followed Lucy on instagram for while, and like everyone on this list i love her feed! Especially over the last few months actually, i feel like her photography has… i dunno just got like 1000% times better and all photos are just amazing.  Her photos remind me of ones you’d see on like fashion brand website like pretty little thins when they got a cool new release.  I have loved all her photos when she’s had purple hair, its just nice touch i feel to the photos.  I also love that to has a combo of what look like well though out styled photos and more memories i guess for herself.  i think it gives the page a more personal feel.  the pink theme that runs through her photos is also just super cute.  


that is my list of my current instagram feeds I’m liking at the moment.  you’ve probably seen all of the before and follow them, cause i mean why wouldn’t you be. 

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