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My 2022 Goals

Happy new year! 

I thought I would share a couple of my goals for this coming year. To help me stay accountable, but also maybe they can give you ideas for potential goals to smash your 2022. Suggestions are always welcome, so leave some in the comments too!

I’m still figuring out all my goals, but I have a few that I thought I would share in this post. So I can look back in a year and see what I achieved.  


  1. Post regularly on blog at minimum once a week 

I’ve had this blog for a while, but I always fall off the bandwagon.  I would really love to post for the whole year and post at least once a week. I know it’s going to take work and discipline, but hopefully I can do it. 

  1. Make £100 profit from Mosia 

If you didn’t know, I have a small shop/business called mosia.  It is a home and interiors store.  I have big plans for it this year and places that I would love to take it.  Again, it’s one that’s going to take a lot of work from me to stay consistent with it and keep pushing it forward.  It is something I really want to see be successful. I don’t feel I’m ever going to get a shot at a regular job, so I have to make my own way in life.


  1. Complete and pass final year of my uni course  

This one is pretty self explanatory.  I only have a few months left of it, but I would just like to fully complete it. Then I will be as Greg calls me “Two Degrees Chloe”. The biggest part of it will be personal achievement and completing it and personal growth, not professional.

  1. Learn more about Adobe Illustrator 

This one will help with my businesses a lot.  I already know a little bit about it, but it’s very surface level so I would like to get a lot better at it. There are lots of guides on YouTube and online, so there is nothing stopping me.


  1. Manage 5 unassisted chin up

This one I’m determined to get! I was getting pretty good at them, but then I stopped doing them for a few months and my progress went backwards.  So I feel if I keep practising them a couple times a week I’ll be able to reach this goal. Sometimes it’s a case of they are not part of my assigned/planned workouts, so I just need to remember to sprinkle them in a few times a week.

  1. Go to the gym 6 times a week 

I was working out 6 times a week for the majority of the year, then toward the later half I went down to 5, which I was still fine and then December my discipline for going vanished a little and I barely went. Also, there was a lot of illnesses flying around the house. So I want to get back to going regularly and consistently.  

  1. Add in 2 cardio sessions a week 

This one again is pretty self explanatory. When I go to the gym it’s very resistance orientated, so I would like to either add in on top of or instead – 2 cardio sessions. My favourites to use are the static bikes or in an emergency, cross-trainer. Never been much of a treadmill lover and in my gym you can barely get near the Stair Masters.

So those are my goals, simple and achievable. Let me know if you have any in the comments and check out my Instagram accounts for updates on my progress.


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  1. January 5, 2022 / 3:26 pm

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

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