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Something you may not know about me – as I’ve never mentioned it before – is that I enjoy a casual drink. I’m not into your hardcore spirits or anything, I like cider or rose wine, you know, the easier stuff to drink, the light fruity nice tasting drinks.
I have been looking for new drinks to try. In a complete coincidence a few days ago, I got sent two bottles of a new sparkling wine from Ibiza Ice to try out.
Both flavours are presented in stylish aluminium bottles with easy-to-open ring pulls. The bottles are fully recyclable and while drinking it I noticed it stayed cooler for longer – most likely due to the bottle. The aluminum bottle is shatterproof also (I dropped it by mistake…) , making it a much better choice than cheap plastic or glass. It would also make it nightclub safe and I’d much prefer to be drinking out of this on a dancefloor than a spill prone, non-recyclable and exposed plastic cup.
Ibiza Ice flavours are 5.5% ABV which is a good amount for me. Half as much alcohol as wine and allows you to enjoy the flavour without it being too bitter or alcohol-tasting. Also, looking at the package it is interesting to see them display the ingredients – not normally listed on alcoholic drinks. But it shows the main ingredients are wine and fruit juice – no artificial flavours or crazy ingredients.
There are two flavours that I tried out:

Ibiza Ice Sunset- Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail – 198 calories per 330ml bottle

I really liked this one, it tasted somewhere between a rose wine and a fruity cider. It was sweet but not overly sweet, still easy to drink and didn’t get sickly. Most drinks I can usually only finish one or two of before I struggle, but I think this was could be sipped all night. Well almost! If it wasn’t for…

Ibiza Ice White Isle- Lychee, Lime & Melon – 204 calories per 300ml bottle

Out of the two this one was the one I preferred, I loved the taste – I think due to Lychee! Love Lychee – It reminded me of elderflower. I really like how light and easy it was to drink. This one isn’t as sweet as the sunset one. I can totally see myself sitting outside in the sun in the summer drinking this. I think it’s going to be a staple for me.
I really enjoyed trying out both these flavours, they made me long for summer nights out in the sun.
Pros: Great taste, environmentally friendly bottles, easy to open, reduced alcohol and calories compared to wine.
Cons: Not as easy to find in stores as I would hope. Thankfully you can get it off Amazon but it is also available in Spar stores here in Scotland. This product should be in pubs and nightclubs everywhere – not just Ibiza.



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