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So, I went to see hairspray the musical.  I’d never seen it before on stage. However I have seen the movie a number of times!  So I was looking forward to seeing it in person.  Musicals are one of the my favourite things, and this one did not disappoint.
There is just something about seeing a musical live in a theatre that I love! If I could be part of the chorus /  a dancer in a musical it would be a dream come true!
Since I have seen the movie, it was nice seeing the differences, and hearing the changes they’d made to some lyrics.  I was curious to see how they’d do the different scenes, as I know in the movie you’ve got the school, the tv studio, Stacey’s house etc.  It was nice seeing how they did the sets and the different scenes.  Set design is so interesting to me, if I could also be a set designer that would also be a dream!   I really like how they did the scenes where they were watching the tv studio from Stacey’s house, such a simple thing but I was wondering how they would do it but yeah I liked how it was done in the end.
Now, the actors! They were all phenomanol!   Especially since it was a lot of there first big show.  Rebecca Mendoza (Tracey Turnblad) was amazing! She was funny, her voice was really good and her acting was just so good! She played Tracey Turnblad so well and really brought so much energy to the character.  I really did like Edward Chitticks (Link Larkin) he  played the character so well, I did think I preferred Zac Efrons protrisl of the character however but I know you shouldn’t really compare screed like that because bring something different and Edward Chitticks did do it really well.
My favourite characters / actors, Matt Rixon (Edna Turnblad) and Norman Pace (Wilbur Turnblad(.  There chemistry, the way they played the characters it was amazing.  I know I said not to compare but I much preferred these to, to the movie versions.  I think mainly because they got more “air time”.  They had more re scenes.  their scenes were my favourite as well,, they made them so funny were the whole audience was chuckling, at some point I think they were actually genuinely making themselves laugh for real.   Their scenes felt so genuine and real and I really enjoyed watching them on stage.
In short, I would highly recommend seeing Hairspray the musical, I really enjoyed seeing it live, everyone was outstanding and showed their talent up on stage.  I in general did prefer Ito the movie, just because there was more to it.  I would defiantly go and see it if you can nothing beats seeing a musical.

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