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Gymshark66 2021 – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Working Out At Home

2021 is here! More lockdowns, more stuck at home with only 1 person to talk to and the quietest the gyms around here will ever have been in any January ever. (For those reading from the future or outside UK, Scotland recently went into another Covid-19 Lockdown until end of January.) So what am I going to do about it? Still keep working towards the same goals I’ve been working towards for the past little while. However, sometimes you have the added bonus of the chance of winning some Gymshark swag and there is no shame in that. So, what is my plan and how has the first week gone?

Chloe is holding her pledge cart stating:
I pledge to try to:
Increase my flexibilty
Lose weight
Walk more
Do weekly Dance Classes

Best way to check how I’ve been doing, would be to judge myself against my goals. For increasing my flexibility, it was Yogalates time. It’s quick and easy to do, I tend the keep the DVD in the PS4 all the time so I can fire it up and start it. If you don’t have to think about it too much, you’re more likely to do it. And I have passed this goal for week one!

Been doing resistance band work alongside the Yogalates

As for walking part, that was made harder by a week of rough winter weather. One day, we went for a walk and had to abandon it as it was too icy. We were both slipping everywhere! But most days we’ve been able to get out and get some nice pictures for Instagram too.

So far, I’ve managed to lose a few pounds of weight just by being more active everyday. It has been tricky to keep moving due to closure of the gym and frankly the closure of everything else worth going to due to understandable Covid restrictions. However, it has just been a case of sucking it up and walking around the park close to home despite how dull it can be. It’s more important to keep moving and the more I do it – the more it seems to become an automatic daily habit.

Been really happy with Week 1 progress and excited to keep going!


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