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Four podcasts we love that deserve your time

As the world still rides another wave of Podcast popularity (who knows when it will end!), it can still be tricky to find good listens out there with the millions or so out there. So we thought we would share with you some of the podcasts we have been enjoying lately. You may not have heard of some, you may have seen some listed on whatever platform you use, but not been inclined to listen before. So allow me the chance to sell you on these shows, links will be included to a website/link I found for each, but you should be able to find each of these on whatever you use – Spotify, Google Podcasts or the Podcasts app on Apple Devices. Let’s go, shall we?

1. Scotland – A Scottish History Podcast

Source: podbean, & @tidlin

Available here:

First, let’s start with one of the more recent podcasts on the scene and one about my native Scotland. Hosted by Michael Park and as of writing there are 32 episodes available on different subjects, pictured above is one of the episodes.

He’s a knowledgeable host, with an easy to understand Scottish accent and presents information in a fun, easy way. So even if you are listening to an episode on a subject you know about, it’s never boring and you even learn a little more about it. The length of the episodes is great, so there is no waffling or wasting time. Each episode is well written and what was great listening to all these episodes is you can hear him getting more confident, better at writing the episodes and increasing his production values as it goes along. To the point where he re-recorded his first episode with no shame. Learn about my wee country!

2. Strong Language & Violent Scenes

Source: podbean

Available here:

Another Scottish one! This podcast is hosted by Mitch Bain and Andy Stewart with frequent guests where they review, assess and straight up dissect movies. While this is a long form podcast, it does well by having two solid hosts who work well together and maintains freshness with the guests. Plus, they are very listener focused and every other episode is what they call a minisode where they respond to feedback and comments from the last podcast, so it has a very strong involved community – if that’s your thing. Part of the fun is them going through movies you’ve never seen so you don’t have to or giving you a nostalgia overload by going through a movie you haven’t seen in a long time. Also, if you’re a movie geek and enjoy comparisons to how a sequel changed due to a departure of a Director of Photography? Welcome home.

3. All Killa No Filla

Source: acast

Available here:

This podcast is hosted by two very funny comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean and tells the stories of serial killers. True Crime may not be your thing and I respect that, but if it is or even if you think it might be – then this is for you. Their style is honest, straightforward and I can’t think of a better word than appropriate. If there is a joke to be made, then they will have you giggling. But when detailing the gruesome facts, they are respectful.

4. The Dropout


Available here:

The reason I included this podcast is to dispel two myths people have about podcasts: They have to run forever and big corporations cannot do them properly, only indies. This limited series podcast from ABC News in the US had the goal of telling a story and told it perfectly. If you don’t know about the Theranos (you know a company is dead when your spell checker wants you change it, right?!) story and how Elizabeth Holmes went from being lauded as a Silicon Valley Billionaire to criminal charges, then you need to listen to this. It interviews those from inside the company, the whistle-blowers and even thanks to ABC’s the accused (well, their lawyers). Intrigue from start to finish and one of those you will try and binge listen to get to the end.


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