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Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve, and that the new year has already started off okay.  
I was thinking I ‘might’ try posting something everyday, don’t hold me to it as I start back at uni next week so my schedule might get busy, we’ll see but that’s my plan.  
I thought, since it’s just after the festive period and we’ve all eaten a lot of good food and maybe indulged (yummy) and some people are wanting to get into fitness, exercise put on weight lose weight etc, maybe due to resolutions and “new year new me” – that maybe I would do a post about body confidence and trying to find your individual way to feel confident 
This is going to be a emily one so hold on.  

I am not someone who has much or any body confidence to say the least. I do have moments of feeling okay but a lack of is something I go through for long periods of I’d say.  
Last year (2017, that’s still bit weird to think) i think I made some improvements for sure. There was a large chunk of the year where I felt great and I think it was due to working out and try new fashion styles. I know that it want help everyone though and that want be the way of getting confidence for everyone.  

For me, fitness is probably the biggest overall confidence booste, honestly I’m that person that goes to the gym once and instantly is über confident with their body and thinks they look great.  
But seriously working out for me has actually really helped, I got really into fitness last year, went to the gym a lot more tried new fitness classes at the beginning of the year got a personal trainer over the summer. So probably I’d say between June and October I was feeling so much better about my body. I’m not meaning cause I had lost weight and was slimmer or anything cause I’m pretty sure I don’t lose any weight and I’m not to bothered about losing weight. 
It’s the endorphins from working out I think that gives me the body confidence. I was wearing crop tops, bralets, t-shirts if it was cropped I was wearing it, which wasn’t me, as my stomach is maybe my least favourite spot on me, I don’t dislike it it’s just not my favourite.    

that’s what workout helped me with, so I know that in 2018 I do really want to keep up with doing whatever I can to stay in a positive place with my body. Not liking your body, feeling negative about it kinda sucks cause right now I wouldn’t wear any of the stuff I was wearing in the summer I just don’t feel confident in it right now, I really want to get back there though.  

I know working out or exercising will help everyone with their body issues as you can have body issues for so many different reasons, but I think any kind endorphins raising activity will.  

If you gain confidence from sitting in the baggiest scruffiest hoodie and joggers eating chocolate (how I’m currently writing this post) then go with it.  It can be hard especially at the beginning of the year when, on social media there is a lot about getting fit and healthy and losing the Christmas weigh. but ultimately that’s not what you need to do, because really body confidence mainly comes from a mental state, if you can figure out what the mental trigger is for not liking your body or not feeling great about it it will make e it so much easier to get on the other for liking it and feeling confident with it.

Find that part of your body that you do like, even if it’s the tiniest part of your body. Find it, embrace it and if you want flaunt it. And soon just start doing that for as many parts of your body as you can.  

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