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Anxiety sucks eh?

Anxiety sucks eh?

I don’t know why but mine seems to be really bad the last few days, for no reason – as far as I’m aware – I think that’s why I’ve not been able to focus my head on blog posts the last couple of days – sorry -.
I’ve thought about my life a LOT, and where I am in my life, and honestly its been getting me down.
But I’ve been thinking today about what I do to calm my mind and I thought I’d share.
One I’ve mentioned before in another post was fitness, going to the gym or exercise in some way helps more than I thought it could.  I think that’s why i really want to find a dance class and go to it regularly this year, as dance is a total passion of mine. But really it helps so much moving and being active, not necessarily needing to be in a gym and pounding it on a treadmill – I hate the treadmill! – but just doing anything to keep active really calms the head and the thoughts.
On that same vein, when my anxiety got really bad a few years ago and I’d get bad panic attacks I used to just leave the house and go for walks.  One thing I’ve found is I really don’t like being in my house when I’m feeling anxious for me it doesn’t help, mainly cause most of the anxious feelings will happen while home.  I just need to get out and I like to go sit by the river.   I think the fresh air just helps its my go to!
If i am in the house, I like to go sit and listen to music – currently listening to Glamorous by Fergie and Ludacris who remembers that song! And yes I know all the words to the rap parts – even if its a sad song It calms me down, I love listening to music, no matter what mood I’m in.  Listening to guitar-based music is my favourite, some nice acoustic Spanish style guitar. I also know how to play the guitar so when I was younger playing the guitar was something I used to love doing to keep my mind at ease.
Another thing I’ve found helps keep my mind at ease is blogging or messing about on iMovie, or even taking photos fro Instagram.  Being creative and having a creative hobby and having something that keeps your mind occupied, for me, lately I’ve found has really reduced the number of times my mind runs.  Since I spend 80% of my days by myself not speaking to a single person, doing something that keeps me occupied at home is exactly what I need.
Going to a coffee shop! Yup, I consider that one of my hobbies now as I go so often! my current favourite is Tim Hortons – is that a coffee shop? Hmm probably not – and I’m so happy they choose to come here first in the UK.  I love just going sitting – drinking a caramel Ice cap thanks – I think again it’s more just the act of getting out the house that I like, and relaxing somewhere else.
Well, those are just a few, I’m sure there are more – like getting cuddles of my boyfriend or my pets.
Not long now till the end of my month of blogging, sorry for the content quality dip! I’ve got a couple of cool posts coming up!

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