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7 Ways to Improve on instagram


So as I’ve mentioned about a thousand times! I’m really into Instagram at the moment.  I’m like an OG on insta, I’ve been on since the beginning but never fully committed to it.  I’ve gone three gig phases were I’ve not posted on it for months, I’ve deleted lots of my photos on several occasions! But right now I love it.

I don’t like that they keep changing their algorithm though, which is making it so hard for people to see photos.  Like if Instagram is your job or your a photographer it must be so frustrating!

Before they changed the algo I was quite steadily and constantly growing -thanks if you follow me! – since the algo change though it’s been pretty stagnant   I’ve not been able to get past a certain number.

I have noticed something that might help and that seems to work…


I’ve seen this topic circulating on Instagram people asking if they prefer photos taken on the camera or phone – which do you prefer? – I like both, it’s nice seeing what feels like a more realistic photo shoot phone but I also like the “more professional” look of a camera – it’s in quotes because they can both be proffesional 🙂 – don’t be offended from either camp!
What I’ve noticed through things I’ve posted is that for let’s say gym photos, the ones I’ve taken on my phone do so much better than the ones taken on the camera.  However! Videos taken on the camera do much better than videos taken on my phone.  Now, I don’t know one of this is solely gym instas or if this is more wide spread.  But it’s just something I’ve noticed.
So I’d say a mix of both camera and phone would help gain more views and reach a potential wider audience.


Ever here’s you read they all say to post 2 – 3 times a day.   I would today aggrreee! Before they changed everything I was posting 3 time a day in the morning afternoon and night.  Honestly, it worked I was getting a steady stream of new followers.  Since the change, I’ve not been seeing this though my followers are going down.  I’m going to keep trying to post 3 times a day and see if it improves but I’m not to sure.


Pick the mind of thing you want to Instagram, whether that fitness, food, fashion, lifestyle general photography.  Whatever it is pick and stick to it.  Follow people who post similar content or who inspire you.  Mine has ended up being very fashion based, I’m trying to get it. To be most fashion with a hint of lifestyle. But if you are constant with the kinds of photos you post, it will honestly make your feed look really nice.


If you’ve got a small Instagram I was reading that I your username having what your Instagram is about helps, if people are scrolling through their suggested people and see your your username and it has fashion or lifestyle in the name, they know instantly what your instagram is about and might be more inclined to check your page out.

For example

So yeah that’s what we have done – CHLOE AND GREG / FITNESS – We’ve given our names and what you can expect from our page.  And honestly I think it helps.  I know for me if I’m scrolling through and I see something like that in someone’s Instagram name I’m more likely to click on their profile.


Genuinely, like and comment on other people posts, not in a spammy way but in an actual interested in what they’ve said in their caption or talk about their photo kind of way.  If someone regularly comments or likes my photos I will check out while freed and follow them if I like their page and I’ll like and comment on stuff back.  I know that some big instagrams have done that for me to and it’s so appreciated.


This one annoys me so much! People who just follow you so you can simply follow them and as soon as you do they unfollow you.  If that’s what you do stop! It’s not going to help you in the long run.  If it happens to me I just unfollow again. Because I can’t be bothered with those kinds of games.

It doesn’t take long to do anything go these things.  It’s all pretty simple and easy to do.

These are just something I’ve noticed as a Instagram novice.  But I’m not trying to become a pro instagrammer I just enjoy using the site and these are just some of the things I’ve noticed.

If you like post your Instagram, and I’ll check it it and maybe we can get some follows and sharing going on!


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