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5 things I’ve learnt about blogging for a month


It’s over!

The 31 days of posting something on here everyday is now over! So I thought I’d do a wee round up since I feel like I’ve learnt some stuff!

BLOGGING IS HARD – One thing I’ve noticed for sure is how hard blogging can be. Like if your a full time blogger hats off to you! It takes a lot of time and dedication to make a good post. Especially posting every day! that was tough. I didn’t have motivation or inspiration every day so trying to think of something to post was tricky. I think if you have stuff going on as well it can be hard to keep up with posting, I found this when I started back at uni.

IM NOT A WRITER – As you may have been able to tell from my posts I’m not a writer. I was never good at English in school either wasn’t really my subject. Writing posts has shown me how bad I am but also how much I am enjoying writing and liking figuring out my writing style for this blog. I now there’s still huge improvements to make, but I want to keep going so I can get breed. Again I have respect for a blogger who can write really well and keep a reader engaged, I like the bloggers who write like I’m chatting to a friend, they write with their personality. That’s how I want to start to write.

PRESENTATION AND HAVING THE TIME – the posts I’ve enjoyed doing the most have been the ones that I’ve had time to write and put a lot more effort into, having time to take photos for the posts. So I think that’s why I’m excited to keep going but only doing it 2 / 3 times a week so that I can have the time to put more effort in it and present the posts nicer. I know that is going to be tricky with uni and needing to start my uni blog, so having to keep to blogs going and all my other social media is going to be challenging but I’m ready for the challenge.

POTS AND TOPICS – I think my favourite posts have been my fashion posts and my Instagram posts, I know looking at the analytics they are the ones that get views the most. Which is nice to see when they have been my fave to write. I think I am going to continue focus fashion and lifestyle posts.

I’VE ENJOYED IT – I have really enjoyed the last 31 days, I want to continue! It’s been fun and got my creative juices flowing. It’s been good to keep my occupied while I’m not in uni and I don’t have much else to do. I’ve loved having more reasons to use my camera and get out and about. It’s given me confidence to go and take photos on the street. It’s been another fun way to express my creativity. I’m totally going to contour, just maybe not everyday 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed some part of this 31 days thing I set myself and keep reading in the future.


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