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5 reasons to visit Glasgow


I am born and raised in Glasgow, I grew up here and I still love here and honestly couldn’t imagine living in any other city. I feel like I know this city and belong here. There is still a lot I’ve not seen or discovered but that’s what’s great there’s always something going on, or a cool new -old- spot / thing to be experienced 
So here are some reason why I liking living here 
It’s great for music lovers – as you know I am a huge music nerd. I love going to / working at Gigs and have a huge interest in the music industry. Luckily Glasgow always has gigs on, whether that’s int eh local bar, or at one of our many concert halls and venues. We host one of the largest and most famous music festivals which people come to from all over the world -thankfully and luckily I have managed to work at said festival- we have some of the best record labels and musicians. If you want to be in the music industry Glasgow is the place to be. And we are meant to be the best crowd at a concert to! Go us! Basically there’s always something music related going on here and I love it.  
People – Glasgow once once won an award for being the most polite but also most violent city in the UK. I think that perfectly sums us up. I Wundt say the violent thing is so relevant anymore -we’ve definitely toned down as a city- the people here are however friendly cheeky -in a good way- and have lots of banter. ‘People Make Glasgow’ -apparently-
It’s not a pretty city lie we are an industry city BUT if you go to places like the light house you will see some amazing architecture, all our buildings are beaut you just have to look up. We have some of the most amazing parks -we got voted the greenest city in the UK- and really picturesque places like Glasgow uni, kelvin art museum to name a few which leads me into my next one 
Things to do – there is a lot to do in Glasgow whether that’s going to our world famous art galleries, going to a gig, or attending any of our massive events and festivals -can you tell I’m a Events student?- we have so many cinemas the standard ones but then also cute little ones that show more obscure films. If you are in to any of the arts -film, art music, theatre/ here is defiantly the place to come and I love that I can do any of this stuff on a regular basis because there’s always show on. Some maxing restaurants especially if your vegan. Apparently Glasgow is the best place in the UK for vegnas, my favourite place is Prep Fitness Kitchen.   
5. I also love being here because it’s where I grew up, it’s where I’ve gained most. Of my life experiences, where I made friends, met my boyfriend, bought my first house, went on lots of nights out, there’s memories for me all over the city and I’m a very nostalgic person so yeah I love this city.  

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