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Being active and why it’s good

– Why I like to be active – 

I like to be active, I’m not somebody who enjoys sitting down for hours not doing a lot I really struggle with that. I’ve always been an active person, I used to do a lot of sport when I was younger and I think that’s a reason for why I prefer being active now.
Activities I did when I Was younger
1. Ballet

2.  Football

3. Gymnastics

4. Athletics

5. Tsp

6. Modern / jazz dance

7. Trampolining

8. Hiking / trekking

9. Running club

10. Swimming
There probably are more but I can’t think of them at these moment.  There are a lot of them that I do want to get back into now like the dance and athletics and maybe even the swimming and hiking.  
I do think being active as a child / young teen is the most likely reason for why I still like being active now.   I loved doing certain sports like dance and running they really helped with clearing me head back then and I know they probably would still help now to.
Like don’t get me wrong i do also go to the gym because i want to lose a little wight and tone up sure.  But i want to run and dance because i love them and not for weight reasons .  I think its good to find an activity you like doing because you find it fun.  if you go to the gym and you hate it your not going to stick at it – i highly recommend if you go to the gym and hate it get off the cardio machines and hit up the wight area its what made me enjoy going – even though h do love running i hate running in the gym on a treadmill, you will never find me dong that.
but thats why i do the fitness things i do now –
gym – to tone up but also cause i love seeing my muscle definition

sprinting (yeah, no long distances please) – its relaxing and hard work at the same time

Dance – i love it! its a pure passion for me and a dream job
well thats why i do sport anyway, why do yo duo it? what sports do you enjoy doing if any?


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