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5 Fitness goals for 2018



I think have goals in fitness can be important, no matter how big or small the goal.
I also feel having a goal that isn’t purely ‘I want to lose weight’ is good.  It will keep you going for longer if your goals aren’t totally looks based since it takahes a while to start seeing those changes.  And speaking for experience if you don’t see those changes after a couple weeks it demotivated you.
So here are some goals I have for this year.

Now I go to the gym as my exercise (currebtly) so all my current fitness goals are gym based for now.

Go by myself

I’m a self conscious person, I have social anxiety, and find it really hard to leave the house by myself now a days. I have never been to the gym by myself and would love to gain the confidence to. Feel comfortable enough to do it.  I have a gym that’s literally a 5 minute walk from my house so I don’t think have much reason not to go myself.

I know it’s a confidence thing, and that’s something I’m working on. Outside of the gym as well.  I think something I need to remember – and anyone else who struggles to go themselves – is that literally no one else cares what your doing in the gym.
Do this year I do want to start trying to go. By myself.

Pull up

So on the workout plan I follow, one of the exercises is a pull up.  I can’t do a pull up – YET! – i would logics to be able to work up to being able to do one.  I had a go on an assisted pull up machine and I loved it! Sadly there isn’t one of those at my gym, but I’m still going to try and achieve a pull up by the end of this year, we’ll hopefully dinner!

Back muscles!

The majority of my workouts at the gym are upper body focused, I do. Work legs to but legs isn’t an area I need to work on, I have muscle down there for days – ex competing runner – one area however I really want muscle and to be toned is my back, I feel like I’m getting there with my upper back like starting to see definition – I really love how it looks when I remember my back! – I just really want to get my whole back and shoulders to be honest in shape.

Weight area confidence

This one goes hand in hand with the going to the gym by myself, it a lack of confidence.   I still don’t fully know what to do in the free weight area.  I have a group of workouts that I love do there but there are still so many I don’t feel totally comfortable doing as I don’t fully know the correct techniques, so because of that I don’t feel comfortable in there.  Also I am generally 98% of the time the only girl in the free weight section, with all the big sweaty guys who are lifting weights to heavy for them, and they are doing to boost there ego.  it can be quite intimidating though, but my goals is to feel more confident there.

New exercises

So as I said my main way of getting fit is through going to the gym.  However I really want to do other things, that is risky one of my goals for this year.
I love to dance, always have, I’ve joined every type of dance class over the years ever since I was tiny.  I used be part of the dance group in my school and we used to perform in the shows in school.  Even I mentioned I’m not a confident person and have social anxiety etc, performing ok stage  – dancing wise – has never bothered me it’s probably where I feel most confident.  So I would love to get get back to that, just gotta find what style do dance suits me..

Another new hobbit I want to take up is running.  I used to compete in athletics competitions when I was younger, I was a gold medal 100m sprinter – I have no endurance for longer than 100m haha – and I honestly love it! Running for me is an escape, it clears my mind and it’s relaxing, tough but relaxing.  I was also part of a running club when I was 18 which was a lot of fun, as I’d never been part of something like that before and it was nice learning running techniques that I didn’t know when I used to compete.  I couldn’t stay in the club for long as I got shin splints which lasted like 6 months annoyingly.  So I haven’t run pretty much since then.  I really do want to get back into and thankfully the gym I go to has the commonwealth track, so totally going to try it out and get back into it.

So those are my 5 goals for this, I will probably have more, and I do have smaller goals – like putting a heavier weight on the leg press machine, stuff like that –

But I hope you enjoyed anyway.  Let me know what your goals for this year are. Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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