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Great gym wear to check out


I like to wear comfy clothes to the gym but also clothes that look nice.  It makes me feel more confident.  So I thought I’d put together a wee post about my favourite items at the moment.



I have had these leggings for a good couple years now.  They are super comfy! I find the strip down the side Uber flattering and I just like the pattern on it to.  I can’t remember if the waistband had any stretch in it but for sure now it doesn’t have any support in it.  I do like them though.  They are one of my go-to pairs of leggings that I wear a lot!! I’m not someone who thinks you need to spend lots of money on gym wear to have good pieces



another Primark piece that I really like! I have this one in two colours black and a nude.  I much prefer the black one though, I feel like the nude colour doesn’t really let go with. Skin tone.  I think it would look much nicer on someone with darker skin.  However I like the style of them, I love the net back to them – TMI but I get a sweaty back so the less material there and ventilation the better! – it doesn’t have any support in it, I would recommend wearing it to do any high-intensity activities but for doing weights and low impact work it’s perfectly fine.


I don’t have any other workout shoes that I wear as often as these!  They are really comfy and supportive, I mean I wouldn’t recommend doing like a marathon in them – I don’t think your knees would appreciate it – but for just kicking about in the gym they are great! And I think if you can get a good pair of trainers for a £5 then why not.   Also if you’re like me and like having your white trainers stay white, these clean really well as well.


These are my favourite pair of leggings I own.  I wear them to the gym but also just as s everyday leggings.  They are so comfy and so flattering even though they are plain black.  They have a thicker waisted band to the Primark ones which I have found I much prefer I think it gives more support.  There is a lot of extra material down at the ankles which you kind of need to fold over but they fit well. I have had them for about 6 months now and I think they have stretched quite a bit, I’m having to consult hike them up. Or so I would maybe recommend going down a size in them with the thinking of them stretching over time.


I love this! It’s the only top I like wearing in the gym now.  Like I said I’d I get a sweaty back so this is perfect for me! So much ventilation! I like the cutouts in the back that fit with your sports bra.  I also like wearing it because I like to see my back muscles now and I think it helps define them.  The only thing I’m not huge on is how to see through it is but that’s the only thing.



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