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2018 fitness goals were they met

2018 fitness goals were they met


So…back in May of 2018, I did a post about my 5 gym based goals for 2018. I kinda wanted to go back over them just now and see if i made any of them and what my new ones are for this year / next few months.

  1. Go by myself

This one I did actually manage to do! and I’m super happy about it. I was always to anxious to leave the house and go, even though there is a gym 10 mins up the road from me. One day I just went, didn’t think about it (thinking about it to much is the killer). I actually went quite a few times by myself last year and hopefully will continue to do so this year to.

2. Pull up

okay… so this one I actually never even attempted sadly. I would still love to be able to do one at some point. Last year clearly was just not the year for it. I kinda just forgot as well tbh.

3. Back muscles

Last year I really wanted to strength my back up and get some definition there. AND I did… for a while … then my gym going reduced and when I did go I wasn’t doing a whole load of back stuff. I loved having that shoulder and back definition and would like to get it back for this year.

4. Weight are confidence

This one I feel a met as well! I can quite happily go into a weight area now even if it’s by myself and do my workout. Getting a PT who taught me exercise and good form actually I think is what helped a lot wit this one. Sure there are still exercise that I’m not comfortable with doing in that section yet as I still don’t feel like I’m doing the movement right. but other than that I feel like I’m quite happy to be in the weight area. yay!

5. New exercises.

So in terms of new exercise… I didn’t take any new ones up. I would have loved to do dancing or running. tbh it’s another one I forgot about oops! also these tings generally cost money which makes it slightly harder to go to. oh well always this year.

SO… In terms of goals for this year.

They honestly aren’t to different really. I am doing the Gymshark 66 challenge which has been fun and very motivational. Also just great seeing everyone else on insta and their journey with it.

So my goals are mainly focused (currently) around my anterior pelvic tilt and sorting that out if I can or at least improving it. Also strengthening my weak ass hips and knees. I really struggle with doing a lunge cause everything is so weak! but also I have hyper mobility mainly in my left knee so also just want to build muscle in that area so my knee cap stops dislocating…that would be nice.

But yeah I don’t have any big ones as of right now, maybe in a few months I’lll have thought of some who knows.

If you want to keep up with my fitness journey you can find me on my fitness insta with my bf over on @gregchloefit

Let me know what your goals are!


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