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What should I do to keep my Etsy store going?

Yeah, apparently we’re into August already. I guess that is what happens when you’ve been in the house since March and have adjusted to being indoors all the time – time flies. One thing has given me the chance to do, is to focus on my Etsy business and I have been working hard keeping it going and improving it. So I felt I could share with you what I had been doing and how you could apply it your own store – whatever you happen to be selling.

1. Social Media is your friend

If you have an Etsy store and you’re not using Social Media to promote it, put that on your To Do list right now. (You have one, right?) Yes, the main benefit is to get your listings seen by potential customers and get solid leads to turn into sales. But another benefit is that the Etsy seller community is full of amazing people who are happy to share their knowledge and in turn receive any wisdom you have too. Also, any content you generate works on multiple platforms, so while you’re increasing your workload you are not going to have to spend all of your time making a post for each platform.

Pinterest – Pin all your shop listings to here in a board with some other listings you like. Pinterest allows you to link directly to the item on your store. The reason you should also link some other items and “inspo” style posts it allows to board to get seen more often.

Instagram – The main feed allows you post the same pictures that you use for your Etsy listings with many hashtags to get out there. Look for other Etsy creators to follow to gain initial followers and you’ll build a healthy community of people you can learn from. The stories can be used often to show your personality and behind the scenes posts which people love. People will buy items from you based on how much they love your content here.

Twitter – Post questions with hashtags to fellow #Etsysellers, Twitter easily allows you schedule posts so you can work in batches. Images and videos are easily accepted here too, so you know all those images you posted on Pinterest and Instagram? Post here too.

TikTok – It may not be around forever, but it’s hot right now. People are blowing up on Etsy right now thanks to showing their personality, their desire and items on TikTok. I could do a whole post on this. Stay tuned.

2. Ask people to review your items after purchase

It may be scary at first to communicate directly with your shoppers, but that is what Etsy is all about. If people wanted to buy a cheap item from an anonymous seller, they would use Amazon. Etsy is all about being a real-person selling your custom items. Part of that is being involved in the sale process from start to finish. Thank them for ordering, let them know it has shipped. Give it a few days or however long it would take to ship. Message them again, did you get the item? Did you love it? Yes? Great, I would really appreciate a review to help my store grow and if you do here’s a voucher code you can use. Now other buyers can buy from you with confidence and Etsy trusts you more too so will push your listings up in searches.

3. Housekeeping!

Every few months, I perform an audit on my listings. If I remember, I try to do it before items renew their listings it costs me another 30 cents. That means going through how they have done, how many views they’ve had, where they have come from, how do the tags look now? It feels like you’re treading old ground but if an item hasn’t sold then something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Part of that could be that the item’s title, the tags, the price or just the item itself. I have over 100 listings that I deactivated for the same reasons: they weren’t getting views or sales and other items were. Other sellers were doing them for cheaper or if I was being honest with myself, better. So I focused on what was working and gave my customer’s a chance to see what was doing better.

Another is to look into what you want to sell next. If you haven’t added any listings in a while, now is the perfect time to do so. Naturally, that depends on what you’re selling but you have to constantly evolve and keep adding new listings.

4 Evolve, grow and learn

Part of being a business owner is continuing to learn, improve your skills and improve your results. Instead of listening to a true-crime podcast, how about listening to one about Etsy and small business ownership? If you learn how to write your descriptions better, how to tag your listings better and how to communicate with your customers better – you will see the results.

So invest in yourself and increase your skills. Then turn around and assess your own work that you’ve already done with the store. For example, I used eRank to analyse the tags on one of my listings and realised I was being swamped by using generic tags. Like “home decor”? I’m not going to get seen on that, but if you search “Elena Gilbert” or something related to Vampire Diaries on the prints I have about that show? I’ll be there. It was a rookie mistake I made, but as soon as I fixed it my views shot up and as a result so did my sales.

So don’t be afraid to change things, no one is ever perfect and you’re not a failure if you fix mistakes.

Alright this is getting deep, lets wrap it up here! Keep on selling!


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