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17 free phone wallpapers!


Well! Hello!
So this post is a bit different and new for me.  However i still wanted to do it, so here are FREE wallpapers for your phone.
Let me explain, I have an Etsy shop, and on said shop I sell prints.  As a celebration of the launch of the shop, my shop is having a 20% off sale, but i wanted to do something extra.  So in comes the phone wallpapers!  I started making them for a phone a few months ago but i have now made some new ones that match the prints you can buy on the shop! You can also get them on my shops Insta stories as well but i thought it would be fun to put them on here as well.
This month all the wallpapers are mainly TV show quotes and motivational quotes


Insta stories : hold image and screenshot
Mobile blog : hold and save image
Desktop : right click and save image to your downloads and either airdrop to yourself or email it!
I hope you like them.  and maybe we can make this a monthly thing












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