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If It Fits Within Your Macros – My Simple Solution to …

My relationship with food and eating has been tricky for a few years now. Caught in the midst of finishing university and being unable to…


Podcasts we love that deserve your time

As the world still rides another wave of Podcast popularity (who knows when it will end!), it can still be tricky to find good listens…

Come What May photo challenge from Zoella

Zoella – “Come What May” was an Instagram photo challenge through the month of May. I really enjoyed this challenge, especially since we are in…


Another personal post, hope you don’t mind.   In my most recent Get to know me post I mentioned my visual impairment.  I wanted a…

Guide to the best Instagram locations in Glasgow

Hellooo! I wanted to share some of my favourtie spots in Glasgow for your insta feed. This is mainly for travel or fashion instagrammers I…

Anxiety sucks eh?

Anxiety sucks eh? I don’t know why but mine seems to be really bad the last few days, for no reason – as far as…

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