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2018 fitness goals were they met

HEYYY!!! So…back in May of 2018, I did a post about my 5 gym based goals for 2018. I kinda wanted to go back over…


Dairy free mac and cheese recipe 

DIARY FREE MAC AND CHEESE There is a dairy-free macaroni recipe that popped up in the old Instagram a few weeks ago.  Now I’ve tried…

Great gym wear to check out

MY 5 FAVOURITE GYM CLOTHES I like to wear comfy clothes to the gym but also clothes that look nice.  It makes me feel more…

Being active and why it’s good

– Why I like to be active –  I like to be active, I’m not somebody who enjoys sitting down for hours not doing a…

5 Fitness goals for 2018

  5 FITNESS GOALS FOR 2018 I think have goals in fitness can be important, no matter how big or small the goal. I also…

Welcome Workout Plan!

WORKOUT PLAN Welcome to my blog! I have been interested in keeping fit for a number of years and wanted to share my experiences with…

Instagram accounts to follow within the fitness industry

FITNESS INSTAGRAM BABES I made a post about my fav insta feeds at the moment and it was very fashion insta heavy -which is fine-…

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