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How to use Pinterest to boost your blog traffic and engagement

If you have ever wanted to know how to boost your traffic, whether to your website, blog, social media pages. I’ll tell ya, it’s pinterest! yup that’s right, pinterest is a great tool for boosting your traffic.

Even now, I feel like pinterest is unrated as a tool to help you drive traffic to your choose destination, by a lot of people. For me it gives the best results for traffic over any other social media I have.

So I thought I’d just give you my pinterest tips. I’ve been using pinterest for years and have learnt a few things over the years. And have been using it to drive traffic for a little while, so feel like I may be able to give some useful advice.

  1. Business Account

I would highly recommend getting a business account on pinterest. It’s free so there is no lion up fee or anything. Having a business account enables you to keep track of your pin analytics, promote pins, and also make rich pins, which basically means you can add a lot more information to your pins. Which is really handy and useful if your a business owner or a social media person.

2. Set up your profile

So like every social media, you need to make your home page look good and represent you! Give yourself a cool profile pic, either your brand logo or a photo of yourself, what ever represents your blog/website more. Give yourself a bio, tell people what they can expect from you and put some keywords in there as well. You should also add some keywords to your business name on pinterest, basically include whatever your niche maybe as you can see I made mine read like “Chloe Bell | Event Manager, Blogger, Instagrammer”

3. PIN

So here is my tips for pinning (I could really make a whole blog post just on pinning)
From everything I’ve read and also learnt and figured out myself, you should pin alot! somewhere between 30 – 50 times a day. It will help boot your monthly views on your pinterest. and then therefore more exposure for your blog post pins.

Also make sure you pin a combination of your own pins and other peoples pins. So pinterest have extensions that your can put on your web browser to make it easier to pin straight from any website including your own. So when somebody clicks on your pin it will take them straight to your web page, then from Pinterests analytics you can check how well that pin is doing. Apparently your pins should consist of 80% other users and 20% yours.

Make sure you’re pinning things that are relevant to you and your brand and putting them in the appropriate boards for said pins. This will help with your SEO but also make it easier for other people to find you and your website.

Also (told you i could do a whole section on pins) Figure out when the best time to pin is. Generally avoiding normal work hours for obvious reasons. If you want to make it a-lot more special to you, look at your demographic and Pinterest analytics and figure out your audiences patterns when using pinterest.


Pinterest like instagram is a very visual platform. It is basically the image version of Google (does that make sense?).

Even though you can just use images, they aren’t the best for the algarithm / the most optimized. So here is what I know about images for pinterest.

Make then tall! Pinterest prefers tall/long images instead of wide images. which makes sense, I know that I use pinterest on my phone more than on my computer so longer images works better. Having a longer image takes up more Realestate and means someone is looking at your image for longer. So ratio wise your images it is similar to instagram 4:5 or 2:3. basically longer rather than wider!

Make your images amazing! I know this may sound silly but honestly, if an image is good quality and looks really nice and vibrant. It is more likely to get pinned. They are just more visually appealing and Pinterest is all about the visual.

Add text! So we should apparently be adding to text to our images. This is so people have a better idea of what the image is about at a glance and make it more appealing to click through to your blog. It also just looks more professional, it’s done right. I use photoshop to add text to my images, but there are lots of free tools you can use to do this, Canva is a really good one.


okay so my last tip isn’t really a tip more of a tool that you should go check out. I have been using tailwind for a little while now, and oh my gosh it is so useful and really does boost your engagement and traffic really easily and quickly.
So basically with tailwind you can schedule your pins and make repins as well. Which takes alot of the pressure off of you going onto pinterest every day to do this all manually. I would still suggest going onto pinterest and doing some of manually but for the most part you can use tailwind. There are a few other features that come with tailwind like joining groups I would recommend trying out the free version first and if it works for your you can upgrade. It is a little pricey so that’s why i would 100% say try free first, see if it fits in with your schedule.

So a little round up

  • Get a business account
  • Set up your home page to be relevant
  • Pin a lot and make them rich pins
  • Have long images with text
  • Try tailwind

I hope this helps and if there is anything else you’d like to know, let me know and I’ll try do another post soon.


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