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Another make-up post for you.
Like all my posts I’m going to keep this one short and sweet
Tanya burr has released liquid eyeliner and mascara, and I bought them last week.  I love them!
I always say it but that’s because I mean it, I’m not a makeup person I don’t wear it that often, but I’ve enjoyed wearing this.  I know she released a eye brow pencil as well but I never use them so Odis told think I’d be able to give a opinion on it. As I have literally nothing to compare it to.
I think packaging on both of these products, the gold and black I just love it’s such a classic look.  I like how the liquid eyeliner has a longer… handle? Wand? I don’t know what you call it.  But that thing, I really like how long it is which helps with giving more control I feel, it also means your less likely to eyeliner on your hand which is a plus.
On the flip side I like how short the handle, wand thing is on the mascara, for pretty much the same reason.
The eyeliner is so easy to use, I’m terrible at it but, I like how thin the brush is and how pigmented the liner is.
It went on really well and dried Uber fast, which I like slot.  I don’t know, I just liked how simple and easy it was to use, it’s gogood for people who – like me, don’t wear it a lot and aren’t that good at it.
The mascara, I mean, i mean! The mascara is so good! It’s now my favourite mascara.  I doesn’t clump, which I really really like as again I’m terrible at mascara and always make it clumpy.  I lie that it’s buildable and you can choose how intense your lashes are.
It did feel a little heavy on my eyes, but I got used to it and it wasn’t heavy after everything dried.  One thing I have noticed is how long the mascara lasts for something that’s not water proof it lasts all day! Which did make it quite hard to get it off at the end of the day but, the staging power is very impressive.
The brush on the mascara is so good I really feel like it grabs every hair / lash, and I like how bendy and flexible the brush is.
I’m not a makeup person but I really do like these products and I’ve been wearing them all week and enjoying wearing them.   The quality again for the price of them is just amazing, and I’m happy they are so affordable’
Highly recommmed getting them

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