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Makeup Collection Mistakes And How I Will Put It Right

This image is a flat lay of 40-50 various makeup products that are being thrown out due to being old/past their best.

The above picture shows what I had to throw out recently, following a piece by piece assessment of my makeup collection. I’m a little ashamed of how much I had to part with for a few reasons: First, the environmental impact of all this going to landfill and the fact that some of the products are nearly unused. Okay, I see a few items that were bought for a specific purpose like a Halloween costume, but everything else was something that should have been used more. Some products were 4 or 5 years old and have spent their whole life stuffed in a makeup bag in a drawer.

Next, the money that I’ve essentially wasted over the years building this pile. Some items were not expensive, there are a few PS branded items from Primark. Others were more expensive but ended up not being worth it. No offence to the Tanya Burr collection, but I can see why she abandoned it and acts like it never existed. Some were straight impulse purchases where we happened to be shopping, we stopped by a Boots or a Superdrug and something caught my eye. But, I didn’t have a plan to use these items – which leads me to the next point.

I like wearing and using my makeup, so realising I’ve barely touched it over the past few years isn’t fun. Granted that during the past year of lockdowns I don’t think I am alone in this lack of makeup use. All of these factors together motivated me more than I expected it to. I was just bored and looking for some busy work, I didn’t go looking for a new philosophy but it found me anyway. So here is what I plan to do and if you’re looking to re-assess your relationship with makeup? Let’s go on this journey together:

Step 1: No More Cheap Makeup

I did drag a little on the Primark makeup already, but I have applied this concept to other areas of my life as well. My cheap clothes came from morally questionable companies and fell apart after one wash. I stopped buying them. The Scandinavian furniture I built myself? Wore down and broke far too easily. My goal with everything I look to buy going forward is to buy less, but when I do buy something? I will save up for it and buy a higher quality item. Quality isn’t as simple as an expensive brand name which charges twice as much. You may need to experiment, try out a few brands until you find one you like.

Is it bold for me to give you a recommendation? Yeah, but I’m doing it anyway. VIEVE is the best makeup I’ve used in a long while. The lipsticks are long-lasting, creamy and provide great coverage. And that’s about as much makeup speak as I have. If you want to try VIEVE, here is a cheeky discount code from me. You’ll get £5 off your first £15 order. Plus they have a loyalty scheme where the more you buy, you get discounts and rewards. I’m slowly purchasing all the VIEVE lines.

Step 2: Understand What You Actually Need

Just because a makeup product exists, doesn’t mean you need to own it and use it. I had this bad habit of trying to own one of everything, but I don’t use everything! Plan what you actually use on a day-to-day basis and only keep those in stock. Once makeup is opened, the clock is ticking for you to use it. The majority of the products in the picture above had either gone solid if they were or a liquid, or sand if they were solid, like a palette. A smaller collection is easier to manage, less expensive and allows you to invest properly in those items.

Step 3: Put It Where You Can Use It!

Not everyone may have this problem, but this is how things went for me: I had a large, unwieldy collection that was too big to keep out where I could see it. It was stuffed into 4 makeup bags and left in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind. So now? I keep my small collection of makeup out on a set shelf where I can see it, where it is part of my routine and now I enjoy using it again. It was too much of a hassle to dig through 50 items looking for something. Now I can instantly find what I need, use it and crack on with my day. Be careful you don’t leave it in direct sunlight or in a steamy warm bathroom is my only warning.

I hope to get back on top of the makeup subjects going forward. They have been some of my most popular posts in the past and it is something I enjoy, so I’m glad to have blown the cobwebs off. Stay tuned!


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