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SO here are my fashion based videos!
Have a little browse!

Missyempire try on haul | plus size 16| Chloe Bell

So in this video, i try out Missyempire for the first time, give you an unboxing, try-on first impressions style video. I give you my thoughts on the pieces and whether I like them or not!

What fits best? Pretty little thing | Size comparison | Plus size 16 | Chloe Bell

So in this video, I try clothes from Pretty Little things, and do a size comparison!. i try out there plus size, shape and standard, see what fits a size 16 he best and what doesn’t fit as well.

Lasula trying + recreating instagrammers stye | Plus size | Chloe Bell

In this video, I recreate Instagrammers outfits from Lasula. I went onto lasula and went htrough their ‘insta shop’ secton. I picked out outfits I liked, bought them, and then tried to recreate the instagrammers outfits.

Nike | Size 16 | try-on haul | Fashion | Chloe Bell

Nike try-on haul / unboxing. In this video, I test outfit nike’s range they have at Next. try on the items and show you how it fits and what my thoughts and feelings are about each item.

Valentine’s​ outfit ideas | PRETTYLITTLETHINGS + LASULA | Size 16 | TRY-ON HAUL | Chloe Bell

If you’d like some Valentine’s outfit inpso then this is the perfect video for you!. I went through and tried out some of the new Valentines Items for this year.

Riverisland haul | Size 16 try-on | fashion | Chloe Bell

Another try on haul video! this time at river island!. I tried out their size 16 pieces.

Gymwear collection + haul | Gymshark + Primark | Chloe Bell

In this vid, I walk through my gym wear collection! Showing you all the pieces and giving my thoughts on the items I have

Topshop try-on haul | plus size | fashion | Chloe Bell

I have another Topshop try on haul for you! I give you my thoughts and feelings on these pieces as I unbox them and give you my first impressions.

MISSPAP | Size 16 | Winter try-on haul | PLUS SIZE FASHION | Chloe Bell

I love MISSPAP so I did a haul from there and tried out there size 16 pieces! I give you my first impressions as I do an unboxing.

Mini Gymshark legging try-on | Size 16 | Chloe Bell

I only bought a couple things from Gymshark so I thought I’d do a little mini haul and show you what I got

Autumn / Winter Topshop Tryon Haul | Chloe Bell

Trying out pieces from Topshop, In their Autumn / Winter collection. Trying ou their size 16 itmes, seeing if they fit and what they look like on

Gymshark | Plus size | Size 16 | Try-on haul | Chloe Bell

Gymshark is honestly one of my favourite places so I decided to do a haul from there. So i unboxed and gave you my honest opinions on what I got!

Missguided | Plus size | Size 16 | Christmas dress Try-on Haul | Chloe Bell

Trying ou this seasons Christmas trends and doing a try on haul and first impressions of the pieces.

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